Multimedia Lectures

A Ride for Climate Presentation shares pictures, videos, and stories of bicycle adventure, and describes what climate change means for the places that have been visited.

David has given over 150 lectures, speaking in English and Spanish, in 16 different countries. Most of these presentations have focused on David’s 21,000-mile journey across North and South America, and draw on the best of more than 15,000 photographs and videos taken during that time period. The presentations also make an implicit statement that we are connected - the people who we share this planet with are just a bike ride away. To book a presentation, send an email to david AT rideforclimate DOT com.


"This is the kind of adventure we need more of—someone actually taking what they know and carrying it out to the people who need to hear it. Pedaling a bike, and peddling the truth about the most important issue of our time." Bill McKibben, author and environmentalist,

"Thank you, David, for this inspired presentation. Every part of your 21,000-mile journey came alive for our students. Your talk left us with the sense that a life-changing, climate-saving adventure is within anyone's grasp, and sparked exciting conversations across the school about how to begin." Carolyn Cooke, Pacific Community Charter High School, Anchor Bay, CA

"David came to my Senior Environmental Science Classes both before and after his Ride. He inspired my students by showing them the power of one--that individuals can make a difference in the world, and spread ideals of hope, education, and possibilities to change the devastating path we are on." Elizabeth Brimhall, Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA

Past Presentations

October 10, 2005: Amherst Regional High School, Amherst, MA
October 29, 2005: Fort River Elementary School, Amherst, MA
September 1, 2005: East Palo Alto Charter School, East Palo Alto, CA
October 3, 2005: Acalanes High School, Lafayette, CA
October 4, 2005: Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA
October 6, 2005: Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School, Palo Alto, CA
October 11, 2005: Gunn High School, Palo Alto, CA
October 18, 2005: Independence High School, San Jose, CA
October 21, 2005: Riekes Center, Woodside, CA
October 24, 2005: Mountain View High School, Mountain View, CA
October 24, 2005: Thurgood Marshall High School, San Francisco, CA
October 31, 2005: Los Altos High School, Los Altos, CA
November 8, 2005: Pacific Grove High, Pacific Grove, CA
November 15, 2005: Ventura High School, Ventura, CA
November 15, 2005: Cabrillo Middle School, Ventura, CA
November 17, 2005: University High School, West Los Angeles, CA
November 29, 2005: Environmental Charter School, Los Angeles, CA
December 2, 2005: Oakcrest Middle School, Encinitas, CA
December 3, 2005: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA
December 12, 2005: Centro Educativo Patria, Encinitas, Baja California Norte, Mexico
January 20, 2006: American School of Durango, Durango, Mexico
January 24, 2006: El Tec de Monterrey, Zacatecas Campus, Zacatecas, Mexico
January 27, 2006: Universidad Autonimo de San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
January 27, 2006: Escuela Secondario Tecnico No. 66, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
February 4, 2006: EL Tec de Monterrey, Queretaro Campus, Queretaro, Mexico
February 4, 2006: Imec Colegio, Queretaro, Mexico
February 10, 2006: Logos Secondario, Mexico City
February 16, 2006: American School of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
February 22, 2006: Carlos Gracida Colegio, Oaxaca, Mexico
February 22, 2006: Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
February 3, 2006: Tec de Monterrey, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico
March 15, 2006: Galen University, San Ignacio, Belize
March 30, 2006: El Progreso, Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras
April 4, 2006: American School of San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador
April 7, 2006: Centro Escolar Caserio, near Perquin, El Salvador
April 28, 2006: Country Day American School, San Jose, Costa Rica
May 9, 2006: Balboa Academy, Panama City, Panama
May 11, 2006: Academia Interamericana de Panama, Panama City, Panama
May12, 2006: Instituto Atenea, Panama City, Panama
May 16, 2006: Caribbean International School, Colon, Panama
June 1, 2006: Instituto Educativa Santa Teresita, Caucasia, Colombia
June 15, 2006: Ciudad Humana, Bogota, Colombia
June 16, 2006: Universidad Nacional, Bogota, Colombia
July 13, 2006: Colegio Santa Teresa, Caracas, Venezuela
August 7, 2006: Escola Eulclides, Boa Vista, Brazil
August 17, 2006: Universidade Nacional Amazones, Manaus, Brazil
August 17, 2006: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Manaus, Brazil
September 2, 2006: Colegio San Agustine, Iquitos, Peru
September 3, 2006: Colegio Fernando Fenazoa, Iquitos, Peru
September 11, 2006: Instituto Educativo Aplicacion, Juanjui, Peru
September 28, 2006: Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Huaraz, Peru
October 9, 2006: American School of Miraflores, Lima, Peru
October 10, 2006: Universidad Weimer, Lima, Peru
October 22, 2006: Institucion Educativa Luis Carranta, Ayacucho, Peru
October 27, 2006: C.S.M D.A.C., Totorabamba, Peru
November 7, 2006: La Salle, Cusco, Peru
November 18: American School of La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
March 16, 2007: Liceo Sara Baun, Punta Arenas, Chile
March 30, 2007: Lincoln High School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 18, 2007: REI Boston, Boston, MA
April 23, 2007: Fort River Elementary School, Amherst, MA
April 23, 2007: First Congregational Church, Amherst, MA
April 25, 2007: Alchemy Juice Bar, Hartford, CT
April 27, 2007: Yale University, New Haven, CT
April 30, 2007: New York University, New York, NY
May 1, 2007: Community School Harlem, New York, NY
May 1, 2007: Eastern Mountain Sports, New York, NY
May 2, 2007: Lambertville Public Library, Lambertville, NJ
May 14, 2007: Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA
May 15, 2007: Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA
May 18, 2007: Laurel School, Cleveland, OH
May 21, 2007: Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, OH
May 23, 2007: IHM Sisters Motherhouse, Monroe, MI
May 29, 2007: Erie Neighborhood House, Chicago, IL
May 30, 2007: Lincoln Park Library, Chicago, IL
June 1, 2007: Clear Water Outdoor, Lake Geneva, WI
June 5, 2007: Brookfield REI, Brookfield, WI
June 6, 2007: Cafe Carpe, Fort Atkinson, WI
June 8, 2007: University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
June 8, 2007: Madison REI, Madison, WI
June 16, 2007: Bell Museum of Natural History, Minneapolis, MN
June 17, 2007: Roseville REI, Roseville, MN
June 24, 2007: Clara City Business Council, Clara City, MN
July 8, 2007: Bauen Camp, Parkman, WY
July 9, 2007: Sheridan Library, Sheridan, WY
July 19, 2007: Bozeman Public Library, Bozeman, MT
July 27, 2007: Adventure Cycling, Missoula, MT
July 30, 2007: Sandpoint's East Bonner County Library, Sandpoint, ID
August 16, 2007: Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA
August 24, 2007: NW Neighborhood Center, Portland, OR
August 26, 2007: Unitarian Universalism Community Church, Hillsboro, OR
August 29, 2007: Central Oregon Environmental Center, Bend, OR
August 30, 2007: Eugene Public Library, Eugene, OR
September 4, 2007: Crescent Elk Middle School, Crescent City, CA
September 6, 2007: Zoe Barnum High School, Eureka, CA
September 7, 2007: South Fork High School Library, Miranda, CA
September 8, 2007: First Presbyterian Church of Fort Bragg, Fort Bragg, CA
September 11, 2007: Roseland University Prep, Santa Rosa, CA
September 11, 2007: New College of California, Santa Rosa, CA
September 12, 2007: Marmot Outdoor Gear Manufacturer, Santa Rosa, CA
September 13, 2007: Sonoma Valley High School, Sonoma, CA
September 15, 2007: Sports Basement, San Francisco, CA
September 25, 2007: Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA
October 2, 2007: Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, CA
November 1, 2007: Harding Elementary School, El Cerrito, CA
February 21, 2008: Environmental Defense Fund, Boulder, CA
February 21, 2008: Rocky Mountain Institute, Boulder, CA
September 22, 2008: Presentation for Climate Ride, Susquehannock State Park, PA
December 11, 2008: Brandeis Hillel Day School, Daly City, CA
April 10, 2009: Point Arena High School, Point Arena, CA