Guerrero Negro to Loreto – 4 days, 268 miles

December 26th, 2005 by David

   Leaving Guerrero Negro early on the 22nd, I biked two days across Baja to the town of Santa Rosalia, an old mining town, which, like the rest of Baja, is full of United Staters. The scenery has changed as I have ridden farther south, with the mountains becoming more abrupt (including some volcanoes), and the vegetation turning into tall cactus forests.

A Volcano north of Santa Rosalia
Santa Rosalia, a former French mining town
Lots of bike touris in Santa Rosalia

   Baja California is one of the places in the world where bicycle tourists congregate. I have seen cyclists from Holland, England, the United States, and Mexico biking the peninsula and carrying camping gear. Cylists are still few enough, though, that it is exciting to talk to every one I meet.
   The next two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas, I rode with two Mexican cyclists, Áaron and Rick, who are professors of electronics at the University ITESM in Cerétaro. We celebrated Christmas Eve and morning on a beach looking across Concepcion Bay, where we cooked dinner, shared biking stories, and then proceeded to teach me Mexican slang.

Rick and Aaron
Baia de Concepcion, we camped just down there
Merry Christmas Eve

   I am now in the town of Loreto, where I met with the director of the Loreto campus of the University Autónima de Baja California Sur. This campus specializes in eco-tourism, and students are to learn about the natural areas surrounding Loreto. As it is vacation time, I did not get to meet with any students. I did, though, talk with the director, Sam Salinas, about the problem of obtaining water in Baja California. I will revisit this topic, and how it relates to climate change, in my next entry.

Concepcion Bay
The Cacti are big here
Merry Christmas

10 Responses to “Guerrero Negro to Loreto – 4 days, 268 miles”

  1. Don says:

    Wow! Fantastic scenery.
    Are any birds singing?
    Must be some cactus wrens in those mighty cacti.

  2. Sean says:

    Hi David. Just found out about your journey through the Care2 site. I just wanted to drop you a line to say I admire your effort and spirit. Take care on your journey and thank-you for raising awareness of this important topic. Wishing you good health, strength, joy and peace in your travels. Namaste…Sean

  3. Breanne says:

    Hi David, I am inspired by your journey! I learned about you from the daily action. May you be in good spirits and great health during your travels.
    Peace be yours…Breanne

  4. Cassie says:

    Good work David. Have a fun and safe trip.

  5. Audrey Yingling says:

    BRAVO! for you David, I am proud to say you are an American, I also just found your sight and plan to follow your ride. One person can make a difference. It is the people you are reaching, maybe a few hundred will choose to change, and pass the message along. We need to pull together as humans to save this world. I thank you for all you are trying to do.
    Be safe and enjoy your ride, it is the ride of a life time.
    Audrey Yingling

  6. Laurie says:

    hi. saw your journey at care2. wow. this is very intersting and i will check back often. God bless!
    Laurie in Michigan

  7. Maddis says:

    Happy New Year from Sweden! Very interesting to read about your journey. I hope people will listen to you and that your president is following what happens in your diary. He might learn something!

  8. DJ says:

    Hola! Happy New Year — 2006. What an effort you’ve put forth. I happy that you’re doing well and staying on schedule. It’s fascinating the people you meet in the most unusual places. Baja California – I never really read much about it. Sounds like a paradise compared to Midwestern winters.

    Anyway, how long does it take to learn Mexican slang?

    Bless you, your mission, and may God keep you and all those that you meet safe from harm.

    DJ in MO

  9. Patti Long says:

    DAvid: I am so glad to hear your trip is going well. I still update my students at Pacific Grove High on where you are and what you’ve been up to. Take Care. Patti Long

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