Loreto to La Paz – 4 days, 234 miles

December 31st, 2005 by David
The Road South of Loreto

   In Loreto, I discovered the firehouses. Firemen often have extra beds at their stations, and seem to be very friendly to gringos biking and talking about climate change. I stayed with the friendly bomberos (Spanish for firemen) in Loreto before heading south, following the road first along the shore and then southwest across Baja.
   Southwestern Baja is a large coastal plain, where a number of crops are grown by pumping water from deep underground. Fields of corn grow strangely next to fields of cacti.

This knive and this goat are about to meet.  This is where meat comes from.
Irrigated land from water deep underground.

   Stopping at a gas station, I met Rafael, who owned both the store and a small herd of goats. In exchange for a short English lesson, Rafael let me watch while he killed and gutted a young goat. I think Rafael got the better end of the deal.
   I stayed with the firemen in Ciudad de Constitución, where I watched a Jakie Chang movie dubbed in Spanish. I then rode two days back southeast across the peninsula to La Paz, the largest city in southern Baja.

The Bomberos of Constitucion
Cacti in the mist, between Constitucion and La Paz
La Paz Shoreline

   At the suggestion of a local, upon arriving to town, I went to the local news. In less than an hour, without a shower, I was live on television, answering questions about bicycling and climate change.

Chanel 10 Local News in La Paz
Los Bomberos de La Paz

   I am in La Paz now, where I will be for a few days trying to hitch a ride on one of the yachts sailing for the mainland. I am staying in the extra bunks with the generous and extremely friendly local firemen. The fireman sleep downstairs because, as they say, the upstairs is haunted by their former chief, who passed away 4 months ago. After saying words of appreciation for the generosity of firemen, I have slept comfortably upstairs, by myself.

4 Responses to “Loreto to La Paz – 4 days, 234 miles”

  1. Molly says:

    Hi David,

    I just wanted to say Happy New Year, and congratulate you on being such a pro-active citizen. I really admire your drive and dedication, and I wish you much success on your journey!

    Thank you, and happy travels!

  2. karen says:

    Sounds like you have found a haven. Nice to take a break and catch your breath,,, do some fishing for me (grin) It’s amazing how alike we all are if given the chance to hear and be heard. Have any interesting dreams with the firechief? I bet they think ( the firemen) you are crazy sleeping there. How funny. Enjoy your time there, be thinking of you. Have fun with the brain teaser I sent you.

  3. Dave says:

    I am enjoying your adventure and learning about climate change. Thank you for including so many pictures. I have ridden my bike twice to work this year, I feel great when I get there and look forward to the ride home. You are effecting change with me. Thanks Dave

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