Fort Atkinson, WI – Our First Vlog

June 7th, 2007 by David

We have decided to try to use the video editing powers of the laptop we are (er…I am) carrying and do some vloging (‘video logging’). Below are two videos. The first we edited together from our stop in Fort Atkinson, WI, where we gave a talk at the Cafe Carpe and met a number of people making a difference on global warming. The second is a video of our day biking from Fort Atkinson to Madison, where we were warned of tornadoes all day long. (The second is a bit more exciting…)

Let us know if you enjoy these and would like to see more!

A night in Fort Atkinson:

(Note: a great website for energy audits in Wisconsin:

Avoiding storms on the way to Madison:

5 responses to “Fort Atkinson, WI – Our First Vlog”

  1. Alan says:

    Video proof I got the short end of the RFC volunteer deal! Keep the videos coming! Good stuff.

  2. anj says:

    I loved the videos! yes, please post more…

  3. Eunice Wagner says:

    I’ve notified some friends along your route. Look for them at the event in Minneapolis – Bike in at the Bell – something like that. Really liked your presentation and have also sent your website to more friends. Safe journeys!

  4. Nancy Barba says:

    Great Job Guys:) I loved the videos. Your stops in Wisconsin were really fascinating. I am enjoying following your journey. I really am impressed and motivated to do my part in spreading the word about global warming. Godspeed!

  5. Barbara L says:

    I’ve written to David before when he did his South America jaunt – just want to say thanks for doing what you guys are doing!! I’m really enjoying your latest posts about what action people are taking across the country to make a difference to help save the planet. We have bike lanes where I live in Ontario but not that wide or with the curb to totally separate you from traffic, not to mention buses.

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