A Dead Fish

July 25th, 2007 by David
A dead fish in the river. Low stream flows and high water temperatures cause these fish kills.

We saw the fish on the right in the Blackfoot river on our way into Missoula. I later showed the picture to a fisheries biologist in Missoula, who told me it is likely a long nosed or large scale sucker, and that it most likely died of warm water temperatures. Warm weather caused the winter snowpack to melt early, reducing stream flows later in the summer, and it has also kept these low flowing rivers warmer. Consequently, many fish that usually thrive here are dying.

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  1. Barb Knight says:

    The fish certainly did not sign up for his life to be cut short because of Global Warming. Fish aren’t the only ones suffering; polar bears, Canadian Baby Seals-when they aren’t being clubbed or shot to death!-dolphins, whales, sea-turtles…in the 70’s we had the commercial of the Indian crying over pollution, today we’re finally doing something about it. Meanwhile, our wildlife suffers because of us. But as you bike across the USA David, remember I’m home contributing to Global Warming by going to Care2.com.
    God Bless,

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