The Oregon Coast and Wave Power

September 5th, 2007 by David

Nicky and I arrived at the Oregon Coast at the city of Reedsport, where we learned that 2 miles off shore they are developing a project to make electricity from wave power.

While they are developing only 2 megawatts of power, about enough for 20 homes, the energy will be clean and be far more predictable than wind power. There are currently plans to install about 30 megawatts of wave power capacity throughout Oregon – producing clean electricity for about 300 homes, and helping Oregon towards its goal of producing 25% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

Oregon Coast
David, Oregon Coast

Following the coast south, we enjoyed the rocky coastline which as been shaped by waves beating against the shore. We are now further south along the California coast – look for our next entry on visiting schools and communities along California’s north coast.

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  1. Jim in Henrietta New York says:

    Hi guys!
    Beautiful ride! Looking through your site right now, stumbled across it while looking up a bike ride a co-worker and I did a couple times back in the 80’s.. The Tecate to Ensenada” bike “race”, you may know that one.

    Then somehow I got to yours. Watched a couple of your videos, the on e where you crossed the border after getting your passport, and they didn’t even check you out. Interesting how you stayed at a Mexican family’s house.

    Hope you don’t have any bike problems.

    And, stay healthy!

    Admiringly, Jim

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