Biking in Madison is Great!

June 12th, 2007 by David

Madison Wisconsin has some of the best bikeways I have ever seen. The biking here is excellent, and a incredible number of people bike to work or use the bicycle as transportation. It is great to see, and it makes me ask, why not do this in more communities? Doesn’t it feel great when you are able to bike to work? You are healthier, you save money, and, of course, you don’t add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Why not demand better bikeways?

The video below (really a ‘music video’) says it better. Click and watch.

(The music in the background is provided by the Motor Primitives)

4 responses to “Biking in Madison is Great!”

  1. Kate Anderson says:

    Wow! I’m part of a rad plug for Madison bikeways. I love it!
    Let Madisonian style bikeways ring!
    We cannot bike alone.
    And as we bike, we must make the pledge that we shall always bike ahead.
    We cannot turn back.
    Let bikeways ring in the city of Chicago!
    Let bikeways ring in the new developments of Las Vegas!
    Let bikeways ring in the green hills of Michigan!
    Let bikeways ring in South Texas!
    Bikeways in Madison means there can be bikeways in all the cities of the USA.

  2. Ian says:

    Way to go, Madison! After watching that video I turned off my AC and took a cold shower.

    Best wishes from 101-degree Davis, CA.

  3. Ed Feeny says:

    Was it a coincidence that you used the Motor Primitives’ music for this video, or did you know about them? In Madison, members of the MPs and many of their fans are advocates of bicycling. If it’s a coincidence, how cool is that? Regardless, great video and awesome endeavor on your part! And, yes, biking in Madison is great. Thanks.

  4. […] We made a video celebrating the bikeways in Madison, Wisconsin (and you should take a look at it – it is one of our favorites). We arrived in Minneapolis, and discovered that that city also has excellent bikeways. Here is a video tribute: […]

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