Bicycling in Minneapolis is Great!

June 20th, 2007 by David

We made a video celebrating the bikeways in Madison, Wisconsin (and you should take a look at it – it is one of our favorites). We recently arrived in Minneapolis, and discovered that that city also has excellent bikeways. Here is a video tribute:

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  1. David says:

    **Disclaimer: We are not saying everyone should give up their cars and ride a bicycle — there are many other solutions to global warming, and we are not saying you have to bicycle.**


    How Americans get to work - from an article in the Star Tribue (Minneapolis newspaper).

    Many more people could use bicycles as transportation than currently do. Why don’t they? Indeed, in some countries in the world, more than 10% of all journeys are by bicycle. (In the Netherlands, it is almost 30%). In the United States, only 0.4% of all people use bicycles to get to work.

    Why is our number so low? Most people say that they do not feel safe on the roads.

    What would happen if we made it much safer to bicycle? What if we built bikeways and bike lanes? Wouldn’t that be a good idea? It could reduce pollution, reduce congestion, and it is also great exercise.

  2. Mariah Titlow says:

    Hi Dave and Bill,

    Due in part to your good example, I gave up my car and have been biking/taking public transpo to work and around the city. After one week, I am totally addicted! I am much happier to be “One less car”. Biking gets my blood pumping first thing in the morning on the way to work and revs me up for my evening activities. My whole day is 100% more energized and productive from the workout, and it is often faster than driving. Definitely beats sitting in a car, frustrated with traffic. The only thing that would make it better is a fantastic bikeway like Minneapolis or Madison. Thanks for the inspiration and exciting “vlogs”!

    Mariah Titlow
    Boston, MA

  3. Andy says:

    First off, I commend you for maintaining this website during your trip and for your phenomenal use of multimedia to get the message across. With respect to your disclaimer, I am glad to see it, because we certainly cannot reasonably expect everyone to give up their cars and bicycle everywhere. THe only thing i would encourage to do is include some discussion about alternatives in the realm of vehicles: electric and hydrogen cars, biodiesel, electric scooters, of course public transportation, etc.

    Keep up the good work. I check your site daily!
    Andy Posner
    MA Student in Environmental Studies,
    Brown University

  4. Tatiana says:


    i love minneapolis!!!!!
    i recognized all those bike trails, i know exactly how u felt there.

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